Bespoke Creations

Experience the epitome of luxury with our bespoke jewelry collection. Each piece is meticulously crafted to perfection, reflecting our dedication to unparalleled artistry and attention to detail. From breathtaking engagement rings to captivating necklaces and bracelets, our bespoke creations exude elegance and individuality. Discover the extraordinary craftsmanship that sets our collection apart and let us bring your unique vision to life. Elevate your style with a piece that is exclusively yours, an exquisite testament to your refined taste and discerning eye
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Exquisite Creations, Crafted for You

The Proccess

Starting with a consultation with one of our expert jewellers you can discuss your initial ideas and inspirations for your next piece.

We like to put our clients directly in contact with the jeweller working on their commissioned pieces; this negates the issue of miscommunication and leave’s absolutely no room for imperfections as the jeweller will be able to inform and guide you with their own expertise in the development of your design. There’s no need to speak to salesmen; we want you to understand the entire production process as transparency is a part of our ethos.

After this our CAD designers will get to work producing a 3D Model of your design. This model will then be rendered in your chosen metal and gemstone material so that you can visualise the final result. We will provide you with rendered images from 4 different angles to approve of. Once you are happy and confident we will then move onto the manufacturing process.

Tailoring a gift to suit your recipient can be challenging; this is why we have decided to offer our bespoke service as we can work together with them to deliver the jewellery of their dreams!

Once the design has been casted in your chosen precious metal, we take you with us behind the scenes with photo updates of our mounters assembling all the components for your bespoke order.

Jewellery is made to be enjoyed for a lifetime whether it is an engagement ring or not; and in such a case to protect your investment we recommend that you look into our bespoke service. Most retailers in our experience use off-the-shelf mountings for engagement rings and pendants even though every diamond and gemstone is unique in its cut and shape. This can lead to the stone not being seated properly in its setting which will cause the stone to become loose, chip or fall out completely over a longer period of time.

Our designers work around your chosen stone to ensure a good secure setting with no excess metal taking away from the overall beauty of your piece.

After assembly our stone setters will work under a microscope to set any stones required in your piece. Microscopes allows us to make precise cuts and offer every setting style from microset, rubover, pavé and more…

And after a final polish we will be delighted to deliver your bespoke design! Please refer to the video below if you wish to see more behind the scenes of our previous projects.

Please note that delivery times may vary depending upon the chosen design and generally is no earlier than 2 weeks from the approval of the CAD Renders. Enquire above.