About Us

Timeless Fine Jewellery is based in Hatton Garden; the notorious home of the highest quality gems, diamonds and jewellery in the UK. We strive to deliver only the finest pieces to you and ensure that our clients are always satisfied with their purchase
Our founder Dhruval has spent many years working alongside some of the best craftsmen, designers and diamond setters; producing a variety of projects for larger retailers. Timeless Fine Jewellery was created with the vision of bringing his knowledge of fine jewellery and design to bring you industry leading service and quality.
Due to the location of our office we are able to liaise with our carefully chosen diamond suppliers to bring you exclusively GIA Certified diamonds; these world renowned stones are independently verified by gemologists to give you peace of mind when it comes to making that final purchase as the accompanying certificate includes all the relevant information of the diamonds colour,clarity,cut,and carat weight.
Although GIA has become the standard for diamonds in the trade; there is much less information and a lot more discrepancy in the quality of precious gemstones used in jewellery. Most high street retailers tend to give less attention to the colour and quality of the gemstones they use in hopes of maximising profit margins; we want to take a stand against this practice as this makes gemstone jewellery pieces appear dull and uninspiring where we want to show you their true beauty. So it is important to us that each member of our bespoke design team has extensive knowledge of properly sourcing the best sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines and much more ensuring our jewellery is a cut above the rest.
As a small but well connected business Timeless Fine Jewellery is able to provide lower cost jewellery when compared to high street retailers with larger operating costs.
If we cannot provide you with exactly what you are looking for through our collections, why not make use of our bespoke service where you can consult with one of our expert jewellers and come up with a design you are sure to fall in love with!
We produce all bespoke projects entirely in house from the CAD Design , Mounting , Diamond setting and polishing. Many others use off-the-shelf ring mountings which are not made for the specific diamond or gemstone chosen by the client leading to an inferior ring. Avoid the latter and shop Timeless Fine Jewellery to ensure perfection.
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